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To my Dear Friend,  F. Richard Olveda

Dear Richard,

My Dear Friend, collaborator, comrade in arms and extraordinary artist.

Today my heart is broken. it is unimaginable that we will never speak again, laugh again, politicize again, philosophize again, plan another attack on "their" senses again.

I will cherish the time we had.

I will always remember it.

Your wisdom is a part of me as I carry on.

Take good care my dear friend, and enjoy your Absinthe with Picasso.

Always your friend!

John Fink Jr.

July 11, 2011

Photo Display Evokes Reviewer's Emotions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marie Smith   
Thursday, 09 June 2011 07:52

Gallery 234, located in the Union, is currently displaying photographs by John Fink, Jr. and F. R. Olveda. 

“Images of Conscience” and “Circles” are unlike anything I have ever seen. Although vastly different, both exhibits can evoke substantial viewer reaction. 

John Fink Jr.’s “Images of Conscience” cover a wide range of topics including: religion, politics, racism, birth and death. 

“Circles” is F. R. Olveda’s interpretation of Dante’s nine circles of hell. 

“Circles” can be viewed as dark and disturbing, but Olveda’s goal was to provide a primitive approach to the original illustrations for “Inferno” that are easier to understand.  

“There were two separate artists, when usually there is only one artist for each exhibit. The artists had similar styles and used Photoshop to transform the photos,” Sarah Brown, gallery coordinator, said.

John Fink Jr.’s “Images of Conscience” utilize vibrant colors and unexpected perspectives to display certain messages that truly make the viewer think. I liked the fact that Fink boldly covered a wide variety of controversial topics. A few photos stuck out in particular. 

The photo titled “Racial Divide” creates an impact because it addresses the subject of interracial dating, showing an African American male and Caucasian female superimposed over fireworks. 

The fireworks that separate the couple could be viewed as a representation of America and its disapproval of interracial dating.

Fink’s “Into the Unknown” is a bright, kaleidoscopic photo depicting a pair of hands reaching out into what appears to be a web.  The photo is an interesting take on exploring the unfamiliar.  

I personally related to “Into the Unknown” because, like many college students, I have not chosen a career path yet. I am still working out the kinks to discover what I am truly passionate about. 

“Hell’s Nursery” on the other hand, is a very dark image of wicked-looking doll heads in a room. I did not understand the message of the photograph or how it fit into the theme of the exhibit.

I felt Olveda’s “Circles” are dark, dramatic, shocking, and downright creepy. However, when taking a closer look at the photos, the viewer can see the intricate details and subtle superimposed images in each photo. 

The faces and bodies with looks of pain, despair and terror first made me uncomfortable and disturbed. 

Gaining an understanding of Olveda’s intention and interpretation of the work, the exhibit began to make sense and seemed almost perfect. 

Olveda nails the isolation, sadness, and pain that is often associated with Hell. One picture in particular, “Number 13,” depicts a man kneeling and clutching himself as if he is freezing; the picture is splattered with what looks like blood. This photo represents absolute loneliness and sadness to me. It causes the viewer pity the subject. 

Another standout photo, titled “Number 16,” is a close-up of a face with the mouth open, looking terrified. The image is superimposed over other nondescript objects successfully creating a haunting feeling. 

Overall, the exhibit effectively makes the viewer sit back and think. The two artists had different themes and messages they wanted to express but ultimately had similar styles that tied the exhibit together as a whole. 

“I enjoyed them,” Brown said about the exhibit photos. 

“They were different from anything else we have had. It was clear what the artists were trying to express. I like how the photos are open to different interpretations.” 

New Exhibition Opens at UWs Gallery 234

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May 24, 2011 John Fink Jr.'s exhibition "Images of Conscience" and Richard Olveda's exhibition "Circles" can be seen through June 9 in Gallery 234, Room 004 of the University of Wyoming Union.

Fink is a freelance photographer/photo artist and musician living in Pennington, N.J. He enjoys street photography in New York City and towns along the Delaware River. Fink is working on new photo art themed "self."

"In this current political climate where people seem to be inspired with their own well-being instead of the greater good, it seems we are moving in a contrary direction to building a stronger environment for the future," Fink says.

Olveda, a retired graphic artist from Douglas, is now working on "LOOKING GLASS," a series of surreal political commentaries on the current American political zeitgeist. He grew up in Powell and has spent most of his time in the West and Southwest. Olveda served four years as a Wyoming Arts Council board member.

"Forgiven Tears" is among the pieces in "Images of Conscience" on display through June 9 in Gallery 234 of the University of Wyoming Union. (John Fink Jr. Photo)





May 23, 2011 – 
Photographer Photo-Artist John Fink Jr. presents his exhibition "Images Of Conscience" 
The Exhibit opens Monday, May 23 and runs through Thursday, June, 9, at the Gallery 234, Room 004 of the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY. 

A reception for the artists are scheduled for Monday, May 23, 2011 from 7:00-9:00PM. This event is free and open to the public. 

John Fink Jr. is a photographer/photo artist and musician living in Pennington, NJ. 
Currently working freelance, he enjoys street photography in New York City as well as the river towns located along the Delaware River. 
New photo art on a theme of “Self” is underway. 

It is All in the photographs that comprise the finished work. Some glint of Joy or Sadness, that purveys the human spirit. 
Humor, Drama, a second of Vulnerability that is in us all. 
The Light and Darkness of nature's manifestations. The Moments that Exist in between Seconds. 

This work directs attention towards the present day pathos of society, caused                                                                  by sociopolitical issues. 
                                                               A reflection of conscience pertaining to domestic and global society. 
                                                               In this current political climate where people seem to be inspired with their own                                                                well being instead of the greater good,
                                                               it seems we are moving in a contrary direction to building a stronger                                                                                environment for the future. 
Artist Statement

Not concerned with any one style, "Images Of Conscience" project a reality we live with today.
Social ills, complex in nature, well beyond the simplistic fix.
Idealism is only a dream, if we allow ourselves the luxury of inaction.
The titles below are a pathway into the images. It is the artist's intention that the viewer be inspired.
Inspiration moves us through time. Travel well!

Images Of Conscience

01 Love
02 Birth
03 No One
04 Everyone
05 Woman Suffers The Family
06 Mother's Little Helper
07 Hell's Nursery
08 Liberation
09 The Morphine Smile
10 Saints And Sinners
11 Racial Divide
12 Wounded In Hatred
13 Forgiven Tears
14 Inside Looking Out
15 Betrayal
16 Sinister Lies
17 The Pope's Training Book
18 Religiosity
19 Faces In The Dark
20 Genocide
21 Sorrow
22 Into The Unknown

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© John Fink Jr. Pennington, NJ April 2011

Now Extended Through June 30, 2011
The song Forgiven Tears from my Finkster - Conscience CD is included.
the collodion Book
I am thrilled to have my "Dahlia" included in the forthcoming publication, 
"the collodion Book".  It is due out in book and ebook format October 2014.
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